Know Your Flooring by a Different Name

It all begins with the enthusiasm of our designers and craftspeople. Drawing inspirations and imaginations from the world of fashion and the application experience from thousands of distributors and consumers at the street level, we translated the ultramodern decoration trends and the most thoughtful considerate design technologies into groundbreaking flooring. 


What you exactly expect about flooring can be brought to life through what you get from Suntec.

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What Makes Suntec

Nothing is eternal except variation. Suntec never stops exploring long-lasting beauty and superior durability over breakthroughs on productivity and quality assurance. Based on decades of experience in wooden floor producing, Suntec is marching on the road to be a market-driven new enterprise that features progressive technology reformation, abundant design inspirations, and attentive customer care. Suntec, the most trusted brand on flooring in China, keeps offering function-oriented and fashion-forward products with subtlety and sophistication to the world.

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Rethink What's Possible

Continuous science and technology reformation with the most sophisticated and customized designs contribute to an optimum application experience for your one-of-a-kind lifestyle with no worries and no regrets.

Authenticity is Key

From the supply chain, the manufacturing processes, the chemical sources to the impartial national-authorized third-party laboratory and the digital traceable system, Suntecers works sedulously at all stages to make your more reassuring home a reality. 

A Customer-Centric Policy

For more than decades, Suntec has been known as the most trusted, reliable name in flooring with quality, innovative designs, and progressive technologies. Consumers are satisfied with Suntec retailor-tailored products and supports in marketing and also special VIP services.